Here is the most uncomplicated double reed supplier I know of. He will answer anything.  Only uses all high quality equipment and  he is great  to work with.  Good prices as well.

A fantastic double reed store founded in the UK by Matthew Petrie. There is a wide array of specialized reed items available here.


A very complete bassoon site.  A comrade in arms.  Bassoonist with the US Army Band.  There's a ton of information here.

Inspirational music for woodwind.


Rich Gordley.  A true blue colleague.  Extremely helpful with information.   His site is full of surprises.  Linger a while.  It's fun.

Here is my oboist friend from when I played in Canada.  Her being in the orchestra improved it a great deal.   She has since become one of the preeminent composers in Canada, especially known for her lyric melodies.

Always an invaluable friend.  We did an enormous collaboration on how to bring the bassoon further into jazz.  He keeps his site up to date with his many activities. Always something new.

Don Baaska and I go a long way back.  When I played bass with Bobby Shew in the 1970's, Don was our pianist.  A great musician, and has made a lot of great recordings.

I teach at Nick Rail Music  two days a week.  Extremely "high end."   I get to walk among and teach next to the finest musicians in Los Angeles.  Radu, the manager will get anything needed.  You can write him directly:

I also teach at Pedrini Music. It's family owned and operated.  Pedrini Music has been a stable store in the Los Angeles area for well over 50 years.  They specialize in sheet music, and also sell/rent instruments and supplies.  They're very helpful people.


Here is another great site that I have found. Its helpful to connect with fellow bassoonists, teachers, and accompanists.


Glenn Zottola is not only versatile and talented, but very helpful, too. He has done a surprising amount of things.